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Asbestos Testing Service West Midlands

Asbestos Testing West Midlands

The process for asbestos identification is always started by the customer being worried about a suspected asbestos product having been used in their home or place of business, if this is the reason your are reading our post then we recommend you get some asbestos testing arranged.

Safeline Environmental are a premier asbestos management company, based in west midlands region of the United Kingdom that offers asbestos testing service as part of the overall asbestos removal and management operations.

The first stage of this is definitely the client worrying about asbestos, and this is a very healthy worry to have as the symptoms of exposure to asbestos can begin to effect your health decades after the initial contact with the asbestos fibres. The second stage is to call safeline environmental and get the suspected products tested, here is a link to some helpful information on asbestos products and what to look for. Once contacted, we will send out one of the team to take samples of the suspected material. A lot of the time we will be able to confirm the presence of the asbestos on first inspection, but we always process the tests to confirm the results.

Once asbestos is identified, Safeline Environmental can offer a host of services to the client to compliment the asbestos testing we have completed for the client. These services include removal, training, advice, encapsulation, and transport and disposal of the hazardous asbestos material.

If you have any concerns about the material used in your place of work, your home or the environment that any of your family visit on their day to day schedule then please dont hesitate to call or contact the team at Safeline Environmental. From an Asbestos management point of view, we believe is always better to be safe rather then sorry!

Safeline Environmental is a leading asbestos removal and management services company, specialising in removal, survey and management of asbestos in the UK.


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