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Asbestos Removal


Professional Asbestos Management is Essential, Here’s Why

Asbestos is a carcinogenic fibrous mineral found in an array of building materials. Problems with asbestos arise when such materials are disturbed or damaged and no asbestos management plan is in place, for example during building or refurbishing work, as the fibres in these products inevitably become released into the air. The fibres then embed…

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Working With Asbestos – a handy guide

Asbestos in the workplace is dangerous and when disturbed, the fibres can enter the atmosphere and then people’s lungs which can lead to serious illness. If working in a building with asbestos or if signs of asbestos are seen, it’s absolutely essential care is taken to manage the risk and ensure the safety of all…

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What is asbestos and why is it so dangerous?

Asbestos is a natural and versatile mineral that is known for its heat and fire resistance as well as insulating properties. Many commercial and residential construction walls or ceilings contain asbestos mixed with cement. This material is also used in fireproof vests as it’s woven into the fabric. All types of asbestos minerals have similar…

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Memory through optogenetics

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Brainwaves could be the next health vital sign

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