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Handsworth Asbestos Removal

Safeline Environmental is the number one Handsworth Asbestos Removal service in the Handsworth and greater Birmingham area. Our service includes removal, disposal and encapsulation of asbestos in Handsworth, Birmingham.

Asbestos was used widely in the 20th century for flooring, roofing, and insulation in most offices and residential homes. However, with time, people began to succumb to the effects of long term asbestos exposure.  This global danger was recognized by both the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Labor Organisation (ILO) in 2006.  However, The united kingdom recognised the dangers of Asbestos and it had a partial ban in place in the early nineties with a complete ban on all asbestos from 2000. This was a measure to guard the health as well as the safety of all workers.

Whenever the products of asbestos weaken or are disturbed or released into the air with renovation work they start emitting fibres, which poses high-risk health of the people in the area. If you are completing this work regularly or are in the vicinity of an operation where they are working with asbestos you would have been in real danger. If you breathe it in, these fibres end up causing harm to you, but the real kicker with asbestos exposure is the delay in the effects of exposure, which can be up to forty years later. The illnesses include breathing complications, lung and asbestosis cancer, which may take a lifetime to deal with. It is therefore highly recommended to remove the asbestos before any works or renovation takes place.

The danger posed by asbestos is always present,  but it only becomes a problem in an existing building if the material is removed or disturbed. The removal process is always started as soon as possible, with our team being fully trained and experienced in asbestos removal in different environments. Safeline Environmental provides Handsworth Asbestos removal services for projects both large and small – So call us on 01299 251083.

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Safeline Environmental is a leading asbestos removal and management services company, specialising in removal, survey and management of asbestos in the UK.


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