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West Midlands Asbestos Disposal

Have you completed a home improvement job in the west midlands, West Midlands Asbestos disposal can be quite a challenge, as you have to ensure that this hazardous material is firstly transported correctly and secondly ensure it is disposed of in a safe and importantly, legal manner.

There is no rule stopping a homeowner from carrying out asbestos removal work themselves (that is the good news), however, the correct equipment and procedures must be applied to any asbestos removal regardless of the level of training received by the remover (that’s the bad news).

West midlands asbestos disposal, need to be completed by an expert, Safeline Environmental are those experts. We have a full three-year asbestos disposal licence as issued by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) _ this is the maximum time period for a licence to be granted before re-inspection and or issue. This three-year licence is only ever given out by the HSE if the company in question is deemed to operate at the highest industry standards.

If you need to dispose of asbestos, there is no better west midlands asbestos disposal company available with the facilities, procedures and endorsements that safeline Environmental has, so whatever part of the project you are currently completing, Safeline can offer and assist with it.

One final word of caution, if you decide to dispose of the asbestos your self, or by a third party, if it is dumped or discarded in a way that could be a danger to the environment and or health of others it is the property owner who has the responsibility of care to ensure that the waste is correctly dealt with. If the HSE or the environment agency trace the waste and you can not provide evidence of correct processing you will be fined and cost for the cleanup. These fines run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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