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Wolverhampton Asbestos Survey

Wolverhampton Asbestos Survey

Hey avid Safeline Environmental news readers, today we are discussing a Wolverhampton asbestos survey we recently completed. The client who contacted us had previously had an asbestos survey which had been completed, (how can we put this???) to a lessor standard than Safeline would have completed a survey.

The Wolverhampton asbestos Survey that we completed was far more thorough than the first one, as we went into the previously signed off heating ducting to find traces of asbestos still in the building after it had been deemed safe.

The worrying thing for us is that the contamination found was breaking down in a heating system, the air in that system could have continued to transfer airborne particulates containing asbestos. These kind of oversights are the real danger in today’s asbestos removal world, as because of the amount of asbestos in the fabric of buildings used over the years most of the surface facing products have been identified ready for removal or already made safe or removed.

What this survey has highlighted is that you should certainly consider a more invasive survey, such as the HSG 264 Asbestos Management Surveys or the ultimate survey HSG 264 Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys (Fully Intrusive Inspections) more often than not, the basic survey will not pick up the underlying or hidden materials.

Safeline Environmental is a fully qualified HSE accredited asbestos specialist, whose specialisms include asbestos removal , asbestos surveying and management planning experts, which facilitates business and private asbestos control in line with the the 2012 CAR regulations. If you have an upcoming project or refurbishment why not contact Safeline Environmental and tap into our 16 years of Asbestos removal experience.

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