Asbestos Gallery – What to look for

The HSE Asbestos gallery

As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing”, and we at Safeline Environmental want to ensure that we promote the education of home and business owner in the dangers of Asbestos.

Most of our customers say to us that they are unsure where to look, and more importantly, what to look for when they suspect Asbestos use in their home or business. To that end, we have added a link to the  Health and Safety  Executive’s informative “Asbestos Photo Gallery” in hopes of helping you guys recognise and then correctly remove any danger posed by Asbestos.

In any case, all asbestos removal must be done professionally, but our hope is to help people to recognise the danger and then seek out the pros!

To see examples of Asbestos, just click here if you find that you have Asbestos, then just click here to get in touch with Safeline Environmental, or call us on  01299 251083.asbestos removal

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