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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos problems

Residential Asbestos Removal Birmingham

Safeline Environmental is the number one residential asbestos removal Birmingham and west midlands based contractor. Fact. We complete over 500 residential asbestos removal in Birmingham and the great west midlands area in 2017 alone! Our residential asbestos removal Birmingham team were so busy last year that we ended up pulling some of our southern and…

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Remedial Asbestos Works

Remedial Asbestos Works Safeline has been called in to complete remedial asbestos works for a new client after they had another HSE recognised asbestos contractor in to complete the initial job. The HSE has launched an investigation into the initial job, after the previous contractor left Asbestos insulation board debris throughout the client’s site. This…

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Asbestos School News

Asbestos in Schools The Government issues new safety warnings as study finds asbestos in schools, 83% of schools contain asbestos with 19 per cent failing to safely manage the risk – As a Family man with kids I find this alarming, as an asbestos professional utterly unacceptable. Around one in five schools across England, according…

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Asbestos : The Main Four Diseases

Asbestos Diseases Most people today still don’t realise the dangers of asbestos, nor do they realise what the effects of exposure to asbestos can actually do to them. There are many asbestos diseases , but they main four are listed below: Mesothelioma – A type of cancer that affects the lining of the lungs. Lung Cancer…

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Products with Asbestos

Products with Asbestos Can you identify  products with asbestos in your home? Most people would pick out most of the obvious, eve boards, heating insulation etc… However, it is estimated that only 20% of the population would correctly identify 100% of asbestos products used on the 50 or so years that it was used as…

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The Main Types of Abestos

Asbestos; Common Types in the UK   Asbestos is not one material per sa, the term Asbestos is coined for a group on materials all derived from silicate material with naturally occurring long fibres. These fibres have several properties which made them desirable as a building material in the 1950’s, the main ones being there…

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HSE Fines for Asbestos Exposures

The legal Ramifications of Asbestos Exposure Most of our customers are surprised to learn about the action that the Health and Safety Executive take when an exposure to Asbestos is reported to them. Asbestos can have life threatening effects to health even years after exposure, and as such, the HSE take the most stringent of…

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An Asbestos Management Plan – When you Might Need One

You might need an asbestos management plan. Here’s why and how to go about creating it. If you’re reading this from the USA, you’ll need to check out the relevant ahera regulations, this document deals exclusively with the UK requirements from the HSE. Asbestos has been around for a very long time, and given that its widespread…

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