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Asbestos In Schools

Asbestos in Schools

Are you a concerned parent? Worried about the environment that your child is being educated in. Then you are not alone. There is a growing movement of concerned parents whom are also beginning to worry about the action being taken to ensure that there is no asbestos in the school building in the United kingdom.

The main problem for the school building estate is that the work to remove asbestos has to be completed in school holiday time and as such it is a painfully slow process to ensure that every school in the land is free of this hazardous material especially as it was a main stay of building materials and components up until 1985, when the first of the phased banned started. The final and complete ban only happening 1999!

To find out more about How schools are effected, then follow this link to the “Asbestos In Schools”  website for further details.

Or if you require an asbestos survey, contact Safeline.

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