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When you come to Safeline Environmental to have asbestos removed from your building then you have come to the premium Nuneaton based asbestos management and removal company.  Nuneaton is a large town in northern Warwickshire, England. The population in 2011 was 86,552, making it the largest town in Warwickshire. The author George Eliot was born on a farm on the Arbury Estate just outside Nuneaton in 1819 and lived in the town for much of her early life. Clients across the whole of the Nuneaton area know that they can rely on us to handle every aspect of their asbestos removal project.

From initial survey and sampling all the way to the actual removal and collection of asbestos, we provide a comprehensive service for commercial and domestic clients alike. Our promise is to deliver the best service for the best prices, and that means removing asbestos in a way that is completely safe and minimises disruption.

Domestic & Commercial asbestos clearance in Nuneaton

Our specialist training and depth of experience mean that we’re equally well-equipped to deal with large commercial projects and smaller domestic jobs. Every project is managed from start to finish by our in-house team of experts, combining skill and experience with strict adherence to legal guidelines and regulations. These regulations include current UK Health and Safety Legislation Control of Asbestos Regulations, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Codes of Practice and ARCA Guidance Notes. We work within this framework as a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor, and we also apply our own extremely strict set of work processes. We have spent many years delivering successful asbestos removal for both domestic clients and commercial buildings, and we regularly run full in-depth external and internal audits to ensure that the high standards we set are always maintained

Asbestos spells D.A.N.G.E.R

The chief dangers of asbestos arise from the fact that many people do not know how many building materials contain asbestos (estimated to be over 3000).  This means that people often work with and are therefore inadvertently exposed to asbestos fibres without realising it.  The symptoms of asbestos diseases often take many years to appear. By the time they do, the treatment options are often limited.  Every week in the UK 20 tradespeople die as a result of previous exposure to asbestos, and, in total, it kills as many as 5000 people in the UK per year.  Although the use of asbestos in construction was banned in 1999 it could still be present in any building constructed or refurbished prior to the year 2000.  If that asbestos is damaged or disturbed it can release fibres into the air. It is these fibres that, once inhaled, can cause serious diseases. That’s why anyone finding or suspecting the presence of asbestos within a building has to deal with the situation as quickly as possible.

Asbestos removal in NUNEATON

We deal with every contract – no matter how large or small – in exactly the same highly professional manner. Our aim is always to remove the asbestos as safely as possible with the disruption for each client being kept to a minimum, and in recent years we’ve been proud to have delivered extremely challenging projects involving technically intricate asbestos removal. In simple terms, you won’t find any better asbestos removal service in the Nuneaton area.

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