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Aston Asbestos Removal

Safeline Environmental is proud of its midland roots, and we wanted to share with you our recent Aston Asbestos Removal job that we completed in Birmingham.

Birmingham is the city of 1000 trades, the industrial heartland of the United Kingdom and because of this,  the building stock is predominantly built before the millennium asbestos ban in 2000.

Safeline is passionate about the customer experience during all of our projects,  but it is especially important to us that we ensure that our premier midland city is safe and fighting fit to carry on being the city of 1000 trades.

In the Aston Asbestos Removal job, we were tasked with assisting the company owner with a repurposing project of an old stock factory unit. The Project manager had recommended Safeline, as he had previously worked with us on a previous job and had been impressed with the standard of our work.

The project involved Safeline Environmental completing the initial survey prior to the planning permission being applied for, in our opinion, this is the right time to bring us in on a project. In many instances, we have been involved with projects where the works have started and the main contractor has found Asbestos.  In the Aston Asbestos removal project, this was not the case.

The earlier that we are involved in the project the more cost savings that can be made, as the retrospective works usually required in we are called in after work has started is usually more costly than employing us at the start of the project.

Why not contact Safeline Environmental with your Asbestos project requirements on 01299 251083 or using our website at to have a chat, get a quote or just ask for clarification on the removal of asbestos for your own Aston Asbestos Removal building project.

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