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HSE ALAARG 2012 – Asbestos Licence Assessment, Amendment and Revocation Guide

ALAARG 2012 is a phrase you may have heard from time to time when working with asbestos-related matters. Read this page for a quick overview of ALAARG 2012 and why it is of interest to all parties in the asbestos industry.

What is ALAARG 2012?

ALAARG stands for “Asbestos Licence Assessment, Amendment and Revocation Guide”. The guide was published in April 2012, by the Health & Safety Executive (herein HSE). The guide is available to download for FREE at this link.

The HSE ALAARG guide is a must-read for everybody connected with the asbestos industry

The HSE ALAARG guide is a must-read for everybody connected with the asbestos industry

Who is the guide aimed at?

The guide is primarily of benefit to regulators. It is also useful for asbestos contractors, licence holders, applicants, and clients.

Sectional summaries

Listed below are a summary of individual sections of ALAARG 2012:

  • CAR 2012 (7 to 8) – mention that all asbestos-related work has to be carried out in conjunction with The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR)
  • Licensing (9 to 21) – all aspects of asbestos licensing including:
    • Licensing period is up to three years (9)
    • Licensing types (10) – a description of types including full, supervisory, ancillary, own premises only and supply of labour licenses
    • License conditions (11 to 13)
    • Licensing general requirements (14 to 18) – the minimum standards expected for all license holders
    • License holders knowledge, skills and competencies expected (19 to 21) – risk assessments, training, PPE, enclosures, controlled techniques, decontamination, and clearance
  • The Asbestos Licensing Unit – ALU (22 to 31) - about the ALU, which has been delegated authority from the HSE to grant, amend or revoke licences under CAR 2012
    • Applications (23)
    • Monitoring performance (24 to 27)
    • Priority visit contractors (PVC) (28 to 31)
  • Applying for an asbestos licence (32 to 36) – describing the process on how new applicants can apply
  • Formal meetings (37 to 76) – explaining how formal meetings must work
    • Form ASB4 (41 to 47)
    • Performance history (48 to 52)
    • Procedure where little/no work is completed in the licence period (53 to 55)
    • Health and safety management assessment (56 to 69)
    • Asbestos-specific matters (70 to 74)
    • Inspector’s final comments (75 to 76)
  • Granting or refusing asbestos licenses (77 to 89) – explaining the rationale behind how asbestos licenses are granted or refused
    • Actions, recommendations, and decisions (79 to 85)
    • License duration (86)
    • License refusal (87 to 89)
  • License revocation (90 to 105) – the circumstances in which a license can be withdrawn
    • Actions (93 to 101)
    • Recording meetings (102)
    • Recommendations and decisions (103 to 105)
  • Amendment procedures (106 to 111) – explaining how the terms of a license can be varied
    • Actions (107 to 111)
    • Recommendations and decisions (112 to 113)
  • Appeals procedures (114 to 123) – how to appeal and the process involved
    • Reviews (116 to 119)
    • Appeals (120 to 123)

Work with Safeline Environmental – licensed asbestos contractors

Work with Safeline Environmental – licensed asbestos contractors

Contacting Safeline Environmental

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