HSE Fines for Asbestos Exposures

The legal Ramifications of Asbestos Exposure

Most of our customers are surprised to learn about the action that the Health and Safety Executive take when an asbestos exposure is reported to them.

Asbestos can have life-threatening effects on health even years after exposure, and as such, the HSE take the most stringent of views. We have included a link to the HSE's page for you to review the latest cases that have been pursued and in some cases prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.

The problems tend to come from DIY projects in older buildings, or from less than qualified builders not giving the correct (and legal) consideration to Asbestos in the work they undertake.

If you are planning to make changes to your building, and require an Asbestos Survey or just a second opinion, then please get in touch. Our surveyors will be only too happy to come out and inspect the site prior to building works starting, and most reputable contractors will often recommend the home or business owner to have a survey completed prior to them starting work.


Always ask your builder! If they are unsure or unable to give you an answer, then click here

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