Asbestos Advice for Contractors

The biggest group of asbestos-related disease victims from the historic data are usually people working in general industry, this is still the case so asbestos advice for contractors is vital for that group of potential victims.

At Safeline Environmental the majority of our work comes from contractors, usually, a contractor will be employed by a third party maybe as the main contractor or as a subcontractor. It is vital that these guys understand the hazards of disturbing in situ asbestos products, what exposure can do to them and the detrimental effects on their health later on in life, as well as the legal implications that are there to protect themselves, the general public and the environment in general.

Safeline Environmental will readily offer asbestos advice for contractors, our customers and local authorities without hesitation. We also offer a range of services to each of these groups.

As most contractors are aware two types of work can be carried out on asbestos, licenced ( this must be completed by a licenced contractor like Safeline) and no-licenced.  What most people aren’t aware of is that there are still rules for the removal of asbestos in non-licensed work. It is also vital that all contractors are aware of the types of products that are still in the public domain and the sheer volume of asbestos that is still out there makes this issue of asbestos advice for contractors a huge education issue.

There is lots of asbestos advice for contractors out there, some of the best general advice can be found on the HSE website, but we have selected some links for contractors to read which are a great starting point for any contractors or subcontractors that are concerned about the materials they find on-site.

Finally, if you have any doubts or questions after reading the advice, contact us at Safeline Environmental.

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