The Dangers of Asbestos Fly Tipping

An overview of the dangers of asbestos fly tipping and what to do if you’ve become a victim of this.

What is asbestos fly tipping?

This is the illegal disposal of asbestos waste onto land where the disposer does not have a license to dispose and/or does not have the landowners permission.

The rise in asbestos fly tipping

From the early fifties until its complete ban in 1999, asbestos was a go-to solution for many building challenges, especially for fire-proofing and as a building material. This has led to an unprecedented rise in asbestos fly tipping in the UK.

No asbestos fly tipping - Safeline Environmental professional asbestos removal work is available UK-wide

Safeline Environmental professional asbestos removal work is available UK-wide

The legacy of this widely used product is it is toxic to health, and this, in turn, makes it expensive to remove. It is this cost that is driving an epidemic in asbestos fly tipping up and down the country. It was recently reported that one council in the north of England was spending over £10000 a year on clearing up illegally dumped asbestos waste from rural areas and that the number of cases involving “Asbestos Fly Tipping” had doubled in recent years.

Who is liable?

It is interesting to note that if a council can trace dumped asbestos to the home or building owner, then it is the owner and not the person/contractor dumping the asbestos that is liable for prosecution. Even if you believe the contractor you have employed to do the work is reputable and you trust them, we at Safeline Environmental would always advise due diligence checks. Owners should verify any person about to undertake any modernisation of property. This includes checking that the person/company have a waste transfer licence for completing the works.

Asbestos fly tipping in the UK

Asbestos fly tipping in the UK

Are you a victim of “fly tipped” asbestos?

If you suspect asbestos may have been dumped in the local environment, then contact your local council. They can advise on how to safely remove it. If you are the victim of a “fly tipped” asbestos then it is highly likely that you will be responsible for the cost of having it removed from your land. If you are not sure if you have asbestos either dumped or in your home, then contact Safeline Environmental and we can arrange to survey and test your suspected Asbestos. On a final note, it is important to stress the legal implications associated with fly tipping, if you are found to have illegally dumped any hazardous waste in the environment then you could face up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine!

Safeline Environmental for expert asbestos removal

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