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Are you worried about the possibility of asbestos being present in a building you use? If you’re based in Walsall and you answered yes to that question, then Safeline Environmental is the company you need. We specialise in the safe removal of asbestos in Walsall and offer a tailored service for the benefit of residential and commercial customers alike.

Walsall is a market town about 9 miles northwest of Birmingham and is 7 miles east of Wolverhampton. At the 2011 census, Walsall had a population of about 68,000 and the wider population of the borough is around 269,000.

We bring a blend of expertise and experience to every stage of the process, from an initial survey and sample to ascertain whether asbestos is present, to the full and safe removal and collection of any asbestos we find.

Outsource Walsall asbestos projects

Whether you are a private resident or a large corporate customer, Safeline Environmental is here to help. For us, there’s no such thing as a job that’s too big or too small. In all cases we use our experience, combined with the latest technology, to provide asbestos removal solutions that are safe, effective, and stress-free.

Safeline Environmental are a fully licensed asbestos removal contractor complying with all prevailing legislation and standards, infact we are a licensed Health & Safety Executive (HSE) asbestos removal contractor.

In addition to this statutory framework, we rely on our own unique set of strict working processes involving approved and regulated procedures. These are an extension of the renowned ISO (International Standards Organisation) processes.

Asbestos - a dirty silent Killer

So, why is asbestos a silent and dirty killer?

Silent – it’s silent as asbestos makes no noise about what it’s doing. Asbestos lulls people into a false sense of security. People in asbestos-contaminated properties assume everything is fine as microscopic fibres are released, which contaminate people’s lungs.

Dirty – when asbestos is exposed it’s usually in dirty and grimy conditions such as a refurbishment or demolition. If left alone undisturbed in a property asbestos has minimal risk.

Killer – each year in the UK asbestos kills 5,000+ people who have had past exposure to asbestos. They die of lung conditions such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis.

Act now – although asbestos was banned in 1999, the material is still problematic now. Call Safeline Environmental for a high-quality asbestos professional service tailored to your needs.

Local asbestos removal services you can depend on WALSALL

Every client we work for enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that we’ll deliver premium asbestos removal while minimising any disruption. We take great pride in being a leading operator within the highly regulated sector of asbestos removal in Walsall, and in recent years have delivered asbestos removal projects which were particularly technically challenging. That’s the kind of skill and expertise that every one of our clients can expect, no matter the size of the job in question.

Here at Safeline Environmental Ltd we know everything about

Asbestos and how to remove and dispose of it safely



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Safeline Environmental is an expert asbestos removal and management company, specialising in the disposal, survey and management of asbestos in the UK.

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