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Asbestos Removal

Asbestosis Treatment

Asbestosis Treatment

Currently Asbestosis is an irreversible lung condition caused by small fibres, however, Asbestos treatment does exist to slow its progression and help patients with the disease live longer after initially diagnosed. The two most common treatments, medication and breathing treatments are a combination treatment that eases the symptoms, later in the condition surgery may come into play also.

As previously discussed,  there is no known cure for this disease, all Asbestosis treatment options available are only palliative, meaning they are designed to address the symptoms of asbestosis to improve the patient’s quality of life. Treatments focus on aiding the patient’s breathing process.

It is thought that asbestosis in the main is caused by an inhalation of asbestos fibers, however, it isnt just asbestos that causes this  lung disease. Asbestosis, over time, creates labored and painful breathing because the Lung’s tissues are scarred from embedded fibers that impede the natural breathing process.

Doctors mainly prescribe inhalers and medications like bronchodilators, aspirin and antibiotics as the main asbestosis treatment. In some patients, treatments such as a humidifier, oxygen therapy, chest percussion or postural drainage are required and recommended to relieve symptoms of chest congestion, tightness and difficulty breathing.

If the patient’s symptoms continue to deteriorate so  that medication asbestosis treatment don’t work,  doctors be left with the final option to recommend a surgical procedure to remove the damaged and scarred lung tissue.

One major piece of advice to patients with asbestosis is for them absolutely  avoid smoking, as recent medical studies show that smoking accelerates the disease and negates the  medication asbestosis treatment.

Drugs used in the Treatment of Asbestosis

Doctors involved in asbestosis treatment recommend a number of combinations of drugs and treatments to help with breathing difficulties and discomfort that is associated with asbestosis, most of these medications are over-the-counter cough drops and cough syrups. However, if required because of a deterioration of the condition these will be supplanted with further, prescription-strength products and drugs.

We dont want to be considered scare mongers, but the only cure to this condition is to ensure that you minimise your contact with airborne asbestos. Safeline Environmental is a professional asbestos removal company.

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