Birmingham – Recent Asbestos Removal Job

Safeline Environmental has been providing Birmingham asbestos removal services for over ten years now. We have a dedicated team of professional asbestos professionals, who are trained, skilled and experienced in all aspects of removing the hundreds of asbestos products from buildings up and down the United Kingdom.

Birmingham asbestos removal is a huge undertaking, as the city saw massive regeneration in the 1950s and 1960s, in which asbestos building materials were widely used and in fact, recommended for use in the modern post-war regeneration that saw Birmingham change into the city it is today.

We have completed many projects in the city, we interestingly completed an asbestos encapsulation project in a large public building recently. I'm sure, as regular Safeline Environmental blog readers, you already know that when we encapsulate existing asbestos in a building we have to complete a rigorous set of inspections and risk assessments where not only do we have to understand the material as it is in situ but also how space and the newly encapsulated surfaces will be used in the future.

The recent public building job required us to work in the basement/plant room of the building. Asbestos- because of its properties was widely used as an insulation/fire retardant material in the fabric of the construction of these industrial heating and venting/boiler rooms. Now as these plant rooms are not generally publicly accessed, it makes perfect sense to keep the asbestos in situ doing the job that is perfect for, whilst ensuring that the surface is made safe for engineers to work in the space for years to come. The encapsulation will actually save the building owners the hugely costly expense of replacement to ensure that they meet modern legislation. This building actually had had asbestos mixed into the mortar of the brickwork, so the building would have had to be demolished to replace this. If you have an asbestos encapsulation question or require advice or a quote, just contact us here.

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