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Hello Safeline News Readers, we recently completed a huge Bristol asbestos survey project at a very posh school. The survey resulted in a huge removal project to ensure the dormitories and classrooms were made safe for the students.

The School has a long history on the site and over the years different parts of the campus have been developed and updated, these updates, as per normal, were completed in good faith with the latest techniques and materials at the time of construction which in most cases meant the use of Asbestos.

Asbestos projects

After the initial asbestos survey at this Bristol school, it was found that many of the "newer" additions and the sixties updated classrooms had had asbestos touch. Time and material science aside, these updates were safe providing that they were not disturbed.

The very real dangers of asbestos

After the asbestos survey results were revealed to the school board it was decided that the project would move forward to a full refit and removal. Safeline Environmental then produced the removal plan and liaise with the appointed construction contractors that the school had selected to complete the remedial works after we had completed the removal.

We used a plethora of techniques to complete this task, ensuring that the school was given the best value for money in the project. In some of the non-student, low traffic areas we opted for encapsulation, as these areas also were part of the main fabric of the building and the cost would have made replacement uneconomic.

The other factors considered were; the operation of the school, including the health of the students and the surrounding environment. Most of the works in the high traffic/student areas had to be completed in school holidays including the replacement works.

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It was a fantastic project to be involved with and the project managers of all of the contractors and the school all worked to bring the job in on cost and on time.

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