Buckinghamshire Asbestos Fly tipper Fined

A Buckinghamshire Asbestos Fly-tipper fined over £10000 in fines, costs and clean up for fly-tipping asbestos and green waste, not once, but twice in Fulmer emergency vehicle ramp near the M40 motorway.

The offence took place in July of 2016, a little over 11 months later the defendant was found guilty of two counts of fly-tipping. Worst of all was the waste that was tipped contained asbestos. In this day and age, there is enough information about the effects of asbestos waste and the known health hazards that the judge found this individual guilty. It is a dreadful crime that affects anyone who could have driven past the tipped waste. Asbestos takes up to 40 years to start to affect the health of an individual, who in this case was oblivious to the potential danger to their health.

The following is an extract from MRC.co.uk:-

“Bill Chapple, Buckinghamshire County Council’s cabinet member for planning & environment, said: “The site of this offence is isolated, the offender struck in the dead of night and took steps to avoid being seen – but still our cameras were able to film the offence taking place and allow him to be identified.

“The sentence handed down in this case shows that there is no tolerance for this type of behaviour, and perpetrators should be aware that we will pursue them whenever possible – one offence may be all that’s needed to land you in court.””

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Safeline Environmental is a professional asbestos removal company, including legal waste transfer and disposal of asbestos waste. If you have any concerns about asbestos or need to dispose of asbestos waste, then please contact Safeline Environmental, we are fairly confident that a small amount of asbestos waste mentioned in the above article would have cost the Buckinghamshire Asbestos Fly-tipper far less than the £10,000 fine he got this week!