Coventry Schools Asbestos Survey

Coventry Schools Survey Reveals Massive Asbestos Issues

Like most midland cities, Coventry had a huge amount of rebuilding in the 20th Century, this has meant that Coventry Asbestos Removal is higher than the average.

A 2014 survey reported that over half of the schools in Coventry still had Asbestos in place.

The following was first printed in the Coventry Telegraph...

"A spokesman for Coventry City Council said there were no plans to pro-actively remove the substance from schools in the city.

He said: “Each school has an asbestos assessment so it can identify where it exists and ensure it is not disturbed to maintain the safety of pupils and staff.

“If any refurbishment or extension work takes place that disturbs existing asbestos then the asbestos would be removed safely at the time of the building work.”

The Health and Safety Executive explained many schools built before the year 2000 contain some form of asbestos.

It is commonly found in lagging, thermal insulation, fire protection, partitioning and ducts, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, cement roofing and guttering and textured coatings.

Guidance from HSE said: “A large number of schools and other public buildings contain asbestos – often in the fabric of the building.

“Its presence alone should not cause concern provided it is managed properly.

“There are strict legal duties on schools to manage asbestos-containing materials.

“Where HSE has undertaken inspections of schools it has found that most have good standards for managing asbestos in their buildings.”"

Find out which school are affected here

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