The Dangers of Secondary Asbestos Exposure

Secondary Asbestos Exposure

We recently did a piece on the dangers of asbestos exposure and we include the possibility of being exposed through doing the laundry of an exposed asbestos worker, or secondary asbestos exposure.

Yesterday this was highlighted in the national press with the case of  Jill Moore, a retired chief.

It is a timely reminder to anyone who works in the asbestos removal industry or construction that you need to ensure that you are not taking the contaminants home on your clothes. All reputable construction and removal teams will operate with the correct PPE.

In the case of Jill, her husband was a lifelong mechanic, and at the time of his working in the industry, asbestos was widely used in the manufacture of brake disks. Asbestos and Brake disks are a perfect storm when it comes to creating a medium for exposure, the brake disks become dust through use, and this dust becomes airborne.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from secondary asbestos exposure is so important to anyone working in industries associated with asbestos, and even though it has been banned for almost 20 years there is still a huge legacy in public buildings and industrial units.

Believe it or not, there are 75 Industries associated with asbestos exposure, some of which are higher in risk of exposure than others. Some of the most dangerous professions are sailors, shipbuilders and construction workers. If you have lived with a family member in one of these industries it is advisable to go and get tested for one of the conditions associated with asbestos

Safeline Environmental is a leading asbestos removal company operating to the highest standards, if you have any concerns about secondary asbestos exposure, please contact us for advice, seek professional medical advice from your local health care professional.

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