Asbestos Removal Factories

Safeline Environmental, the west midlands based national asbestos removal specialists, recently completed a factory asbestos removal project in Birmingham. Our clients, a very famous aviation parts manufacturer based in Birmingham, required us to make safe their entire factory roof. This was a great job for us as we are experts at asbestos removal in factories.

Safeline wins the contract

They had had several quotes from both asbestos specialists and building contractors for options such as removal and replacement of the entire roof (which on speaking with them was almost as much as a new building would have cost) to boxing in the roof with a suspended ceiling, again not really an option for the type of manufacture that they do.

Asbestos encapsulation

Safeline Environmental decided to solve the factory asbestos removal problem with a method called asbestos encapsulation. This method is a very cost-effective process that will coat the asbestos product (in this case ACM roofing boards) with a covering that encapsulates the material and therefore stops any potential asbestos release into the atmosphere.

This method of asbestos control is an extremely reliable technique when the surface to be encapsulated is of low likelihood to be penetrated or damaged, through the normal operations conducted in the building (regular readers will remember we have used this method before in boiler rooms).

Asbestos Removal Factories – Choose Safeline

Our clients brief insisted that we worked around the factory’s day-to-day operations, ensuring no loss of production days. This involved our project managers creating a program of work to complement the work carried out by the factory. The main reason Safeline won this contract was because of our flexible approach and cost-effective solution to the needs of the clients and their business.

Contacting Safeline Environmental

If you have a factory asbestos removal project coming up, and you would like Safeline Environmental to suggest out-of-the-box thinking whilst delivering cost-effective and time-critical solutions just drop us a line here using our contact forms and one of the team will get back to you. Alternatively, call us on 01299 251083 or email -

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