Grade 2 Listed Building – Asbestos Removal Job in Cheltenham

Safeline recently was tasked by a homeowner with asbestos removal in Cheltenham. Now the town has a wonderful array of architecture ranging from the beautiful Georgian style all the way through to the modern buildings that have added to the lives of the people of Cheltenham. The problem here is that the asbestos boom in building products didn't miss Cheltenham.

The asbestos removal in the Cheltenham job was further complicated by the grade two listed building status that had been applied to the property. Grade two listings can add time and cost to any modernization project. Safeline usually is involved in the removal of materials from buildings, this needs consultation and careful planning when tackling a grade two listed project, as there may be period features that whilst not made of asbestos, will need to be considered when planning any removal of ACM's or other products containing Asbestos.

Safeline Environmental became involved with the project before the plans were submitted and our asbestos survey was extremely valuable in the planning process, as the due diligence demonstrated to the listed status provided lots of answers to the owner when challenged by the conservation officer.

Now the project is completed we got to go back and see the finished result - the builders who then completed the refit post asbestos removal completed a beautiful transformation which thanks to the planning process adopted by the homeowner came in on budget, on time and with the full consent of the local conservation office. Safeline is very proud of our team's professional and flexible approach which undoubtedly helped in the success of this fantastic project.

If you have a grade two listed building that has had pre-listing modifications using asbestos or are just wondering "what is asbestos" why not call Safeline Environmental to assist with your project. Contact Safeline Environmental here.

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