Motherwell Asbestos infringement

Motherwell Asbestos Infringement

A contractor has been fined for exposing its employees to asbestos during work at Anderson Tower in a Motherwell asbestos infringement.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard that during the Motherwell Asbestos Infringement, four electricians employed by IQA Operations Group Ltd had been drilling through door transom panels to fit electric cables into each property within the block during installation of a new low voltage distribution system.

The company had identified that an asbestos survey was carried out ahead of the works starting but did not include a survey of the transom panels above each flat entrance door.

The electricians started work on the site and drilled holes in the door transom panels in all 44 flats.

The workers were not aware that the panels contained asbestos so no measures were in place to control exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.

A resident raised a concern that the panels were asbestos, work was stopped and the panels tested.

When the samples tested positive for asbestos immediate action was taken to decontaminate the flats which involved the local council making arrangements for the residents to leave their properties while the work was being done.

An HSE investigation found that IQA had failed to provide and maintain a safe system of work to identify the presence of asbestos in the transom panels and failed to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of risk to their employees from asbestos when carrying out cable routing work.

It is vital that as in the above case, all construction Projects have a thorough and conclusive asbestos survey PRIOR to any and all works being completed. Safeline Environmental are experienced and approved to carry out asbestos surveying so you as a contractor or building owner do not have your own Motherwell Asbestos Infringement experience.

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