For asbestos help and advice, contact The National Asbestos Helpline


Safeline Environmental,  as well as being a professional asbestos removal company, we are also customer service driven, with this customer service we are keen to promote The National Asbestos Helpline and its website.

The National Asbestos Helpline is a fantastic resource for any member of the general public who may be concerned that they, but more usually, a family member may have been exposed to Asbestos dust during their working life. For asbestos advice, don't hesitate to contact them.

As any reader of the Safeline Environmental news will be aware, the timeline between asbestos exposure to the manifestation of the disease can be many years, and the National Asbestos Helpline gives any researcher critical information that is required to pin down the time of exposure and therefore the starting point for a claim.

They also provide practical information and importantly, a listening approach before giving any asbestos advice. They also can help with the minefield that is the benefits system, so then you can claim the money to support you or your loved one through the illness.

This is what the National Asbestos Helpline says about themselves;

"The National Asbestos Helpline assists thousands of people every year from across the UK with all manner of asbestos-related enquiries.

Such is our experience and depth of knowledge in this field, we are regularly called upon by other organisations and healthcare professionals to provide advice and guidance.

Health professionals, GPs, Consultants, construction companies, health and safety groups, government agencies, charities and the Citizens Advice Bureau all utilise the experience of the National Asbestos Helpline from time to time.

Our belief that asbestos disease sufferers deserve the very best levels of service and advice has stood us and our clients in good stead over the years. When dealing with legal, financial and healthcare issues, it’s reassuring to know that you’re in safe, experienced hands."

To contact them you can click on the link earlier in the article or call them for advice on FREEPHONE 0808 223 0726.

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