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Remedial Asbestos Works

Remedial Asbestos Works

Safeline has been called in to complete remedial asbestos works for a new client after they had another HSE recognised asbestos contractor in to complete the initial job.

The HSE has launched an investigation into the initial job, after the previous contractor left Asbestos insulation board debris throughout the client’s site. This is not only poor workmanship, but because of the nature of asbestos removal, we are generally the first contractors on site, often liaising with the trades prior to their arrival on the job. In this example, all of the trades that have followed the previous asbestos removal contractor have risked being exposed to asbestos dust.

Safeline was called in to complete these remedial asbestos works after one of the trades contractors came to site and was worried that not all of the asbestos had in fact been removed. We identified the debris that was scattered throughout the client’s work site as asbestos insulation board.

All work has had to stop on site, firstly for the investigation by the HSE, but also before the contractors can go back on to the site to complete the tasks Safeline will need to remove all of the remaining contamination. This delay will cost the client a huge amount of money in additional removal costs, but also the delays have a further financial impact in terms of contractual costs of keeping contractors on site or having to pay for delay costs.

In summary, the ode to this sorry tale is that you get what you pay for, Safeline Environmental offers industry recognized first rate service and workmanship, and whilst it is easy to say with hindsight that you should always come to Safeline, sadly, not everyone will heed this lesson. In this case, these remedial asbestos works have cost the client dearly.

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