Removal of Asbestos in Stoke on Trent

Stoke on Trent asbestos services

Do you need help with the removal of asbestos in Stoke on Trent? Safeline Environmental have a vast amount of experience across Stoke and the Midlands which will be used when you choose our Stoke on Trent asbestos services.

Do not delay asbestos removal in Stoke on Trent

If you suspect you have asbestos in your commercial or residential building, we advise that you do not delay contacting us. Asbestos exposure can be fatal and although the material was banned in 1999, there are still 5,000+ asbestos-related deaths each year. Many people think asbestos-related diseases are a thing of the past, but people still get exposed to asbestos every day. Asbestos was commonly used for 100+ years before its ban and ACMs (asbestos-containing materials) are encountered frequently. So do not delay contacting us if you suspect your building is asbestos-contaminated.

Canalside housing and bottle kilns in Stoke on Trent

Canalside housing and bottle kilns in Stoke on Trent

How dangerous is asbestos exposure?

At its worst asbestos exposure could kill you. If left undisturbed asbestos is considered “stable” the problem arises when it is moved or disturbed. Asbestos can become fatal if fibres from materials or dust become airborne. This is when asbestos can be breathed in and can over a period (often decades) develop into serious lung conditions such as asbestos lung cancer, asbestosis, COPD, and mesothelioma.

Is it safe for me to detect and remove asbestos?

Certainly not (unless you are qualified in asbestos removal), only experts in related fields with appropriate PPE might be suitable. Asbestos diagnosis is in itself a science and potentially extremely dangerous and needs to be left to experts in the field. Asbestos has no smell and fibres are not visible in the air.

We recommend an asbestos survey from a professional asbestos management company to commence the process, which will lead to an asbestos management plan and the subsequent removal and offsite disposal (through authorised disposal sites) of the asbestos.

Longton Market in the city centre of Stoke on Trent

Longton Market in the city centre of Stoke on Trent

So, why choose Safeline?

We are a UK-wide asbestos services company, but being Midlands-based, Stoke on Trent is a local job for us! Over the 15+ years, we have operated in many commercial and domestic settings across the city. We have also worked as a sub-contractor to many large building firms for specialist asbestos-related services and on occasions, Insurance Companies too.

Safeline Environmental asbestos specialists always work in liveried protective uniforms. We will arrive in Safeline liveried fans and do not outsource work to other third parties. Our experts will have access to all project documentation on tablets they bring with them. Customers also have access to their own information through a secure online customer portal, which provides a status for the project as it progresses.

We are a friendly family firm with many of our staff having worked for the Company for many years, it is service with a smile when you choose Safeline. Read more on our about us and meet the team pages. Our services are available 24x7 all-year-round, no project is too large or small for us, we will complete your asbestos project ASAP after receipt of your order.

Contact Safeline Environmental today

Contact Safeline Environmental today for all your asbestos diagnosis, removal, and disposal in Stoke on Trent. Contact Safeline today by phone on 01299 251083 or email us at Complete our online contact form for an early response, leave the stress and headaches of asbestos removal to our experts!


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