Solihull Construction Project – Removal of Asbestos Case Study

Solihull Asbestos Removal

Solihull Asbestos removal by Safeline Environmental Ltd. Safeline Environmental completed a Solihull Asbestos Removal job recently, this job was a bit of a rescue job, as the project had been started by the property owner, who by his own admission, possibly didn't really understand the implications of the work at hand.

Safeline Environmental was called in after the construction contractor complained that there was a possibility of asbestos being present on site. Safeline then completed a survey of the site and found that there was asbestos on site, luckily the material had not been disturbed.

It was at this point that the work was stopped and Safeline created an action plan to ensure the asbestos was removed. The nature of the product used made only encapsulation an option.

The material was built into the fabric of the building, and our plan to the building owner was to cover or encapsulate the product, which means if the surface of the remains unpunctured or undisturbed then the asbestos material can remain in situ.

Within weeks the project was back on track with the material contained, the contractors were happy and the client was satisfied that the project will continue without too many cost overruns.

I guess the moral of this project was to ensure that before you start any work on a pre-2000 built building, that you investigate the materials used, or in most cases, get a professional survey completed at the planning stage of the project.

All surveys completed by Safeline are to the highest of industry standards, If you have a pre-2000 building with a major project coming up why not have peace of mind with a Safeline Environmental asbestos survey.

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