Asbestos Encapsulation Service

As a licensed Health & Safety Executive asbestos contractor there are a wide range of asbestos services available from Safeline Environmental. One of these services is the encapsulation of asbestos, which is detailed on this page. Defining asbestos encapsulation? To define asbestos encapsulation, it is helpful to explain the two words: Asbestos – “Asbestos is…

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Walsall Asbestos Encapsulation Case Study

Walsall asbestos removal

Our recent Walsall asbestos encapsulation job was one of our more interesting ones, we provided an asbestos removal quotation for the encapsulation of the walls surrounding the old boiler. A pre-world war two structure was going to be repurposed during the modernisation of the building. The original brief was for an inspection and covering (encapsulation)…

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