Walsall Factory Asbestos Removal Case Study

Safeline has a national reach when it comes to asbestos removal, but the core of our mission is based in the west midlands and the Walsall asbestos removal is yet another further example of this removal.

During the Walsall asbestos removal job we had to ensure that the factory was still able to function whilst we undertook the asbestos removal process. This particular removal included several different methods that we regularly use. The boiler room of the factory was lagged with asbestos lagging and also there was fireproofing built into the fabric of the building.

As the factory needed Safeline to conduct this job with a project managed approach,  and the main area of work was out of a general public area we opted to remove the lagging, enabling the factory to reinstate the insulation with non-asbestos products at a later stage of the project, the problem came with the built-in fireproofing. The cost of removal of this fabric of the building and replacement as well as the disruption to the factory shop floor made this unviable as an option.

Safeline, after discussion with the client, opted for encapsulation of the walls where the asbestos had been used. Encapsulation gives the flexibility to maintain the building integrity whilst making the area safe for the public and the workforce.

So, if you have a complex project that requires a workaround solution like the Walsall asbestos removal job, then why not give Safeline Environmental a call and we can consult with you to deliver a bespoke asbestos removal solution that is planned, responsive and in the face of change or problems reactively.

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