West Bromwich Case Study – Replace Asbestos Contractor

Replace Asbestos Contractor

Safeline Environmental is a truly national company, we are also the local asbestos removal company too. The west Bromwich asbestos removal contract proves this!

On the west Bromwich asbestos removal, we were initially only asked to double-check the findings that a competitor had produced for a prospective customer. Even after our survey went in, the client decided to trust the advice of our competitor.

We thought nothing of this and moved on to our next project until the telephone rang. The months had rolled by, and we were quite surprised to hear from the original survey customer, who asked us to come back to the previously discussed project. Apparently, according to the client, the company that had won the contract had walked off the project because the initial survey had been of a less thorough nature than the one we had supplied and now partway into the project the asbestos removal had had to ask the client for the additional fund for unexpected work.

The work stalled, as both parties refused to budge. Out of absolute despair, the client contacted Safeline environmental and asked us to come into the project as this quote we had supplied was now less than the up spiralled costs that the first contractor had demanded.

Needless to say, they were kicked off-site and Safeline took over, our teams, first of all, surveyed the site before getting stuck in, as we didn't know what work had been completed. The project was completed and signed off, albeit slightly later than originally planned.

If you are unhappy with your current asbestos removal contractor, then why not give Safeline Environmental a call, we offer a Gold standard service from the beginning of the planning stand through the practical stage and to the post-completion stage.

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