Asbestos at Home

Asbestos at Home? If you find asbestos in your home you should take the following advice;

  • Leave the suspected Asbestos well alone, especially if it's been drilled or disturbed.
  • DO NOT penetrate or adhere anything to the suspected Asbestos surface.
  • DO NOT use any Abrasive products or sandpaper on the suspected Asbestos surface - This will release dust ergo the fibres
  • DO contact a professional Contractor like Safeline Environmental and get a second opinion
  • ALWAYS Employ a Professional asbestos removal contractor - It's not only about the safe removal, but the safe disposal

Above all of the above advice, it is absolutely critical that you do not soil the environment with asbestos waste - never take it to the landfill, asbestos is at its most lethal when it becomes airborne. Landfill sites use heavy machinery, these machines will definitely facilitate the asbestos becoming airborne. Not only does this put the landfill employees and the local community at risk, but it is also illegal and carries a significant fine. Look here for HSE fines

Safeline Environmental offer a full asbestos removal service to our clients, which include testing, removal, disposal and encapsulation. There is no cure for most of the illnesses that are caused by asbestos, the only way to ensure that people are kept safe is to limit and or remove the danger of exposure to asbestos fibres.

Asbestos at home can be harmless for many, many years as long as it is not disturbed, the real danger is when a modernisation or demolition project is started. These works will put unprotected persons at risk of exposure to the dust or fibres generated, and once airborne, asbestos is breathed in and the health risks are magnified.

If you are worried that you have asbestos at home, then please don't disturb it and call Safeline Environmental immediately.

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