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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal Licenced or unLicenced

Asbestos Removal Licenced or UnLicenced

Asbestos removal licenced or unlicenced, that is the question. Im fairy sure that the bard was unaware of asbestos when he wrote that line that I have butchered in a literary sense. However, in an asbestos removal perspective it is a very valid question for anyone undergoing a renovation or remodel. As a regular reader of the safeline environmental news you will know that we passionate about alerting the public, our clients and customers to the appropriate procedures and legislation. The HSE website has loads of great information to advise people and we would always recommend if you are considering a project that involves, or you suspect it involves asbestos, then this is a great place to start.

Since 2012, there have beens some changes to the process involving reporting of asbestos removal to authorities. There are now some instances where non licensed must be reported in a similar way to licenced work.

Some of the key things to note between asbestos removal licenced or unlicenced are that all professional and or commercial premises must be tackled in a licenced manner. This involves an asbestos management plan that is a legal requirement as the client of the asbestos removal  prior to the work being undertaken.

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