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Asbestos Removal


Asbestos in Playground

(Photo: UGC TNW) Asbestos in Playground In the news this week was a report that a north wales man found asbestos in playground that his children were regularly using! The Daily Mirror reported on 5th April that ; “The man who found the asbestos, Tim Watson, said: “I was just passing through the playground last…

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Asbestos Removal Tax Breaks

Asbestos Removal Tax Breaks Morning everyone, did you know that if you own a building that has ACM’s(asbestos containing materials) built into it prior to your ownership and you are a company then you could be entitled to asbestos Removal tax breaks? The cost and time delays related to the process of asbestos removal can…

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Dudley Asbestos Survey

Dudley Asbestos Survey We at Safeline Environmental carry out all types and sizes of surveys, a recent Dudley Asbestos Survey was completed by Safeline to a domestic property, a lovely old couple that were having an update to their home before they retired. On site, the survey highlighted small amounts of asbestos in the home,…

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Midland Asbestos Company Fined

Midland Asbestos Company Fined The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regularly publishes  cases, proceedings and prosecutions on its website, and we were dismayed to discover a Midland Asbestos Company had been fined, we just want to reassure our readers, clients and customers, and our construction partners that the company was not SAFELINE ENVIRONMENTAL. The Midland…

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Wolverhampton Asbestos Survey

Wolverhampton Asbestos Survey Hey avid Safeline Environmental news readers, today we are discussing a Wolverhampton asbestos survey we recently completed. The client who contacted us had previously had an asbestos survey which had been completed, (how can we put this???) to a lessor standard than Safeline would have completed a survey. The Wolverhampton asbestos Survey…

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Asbestosis Treatment

Asbestosis Treatment Currently Asbestosis is an irreversible lung condition caused by small fibres, however, Asbestos treatment does exist to slow its progression and help patients with the disease live longer after initially diagnosed. The two most common treatments, medication and breathing treatments are a combination treatment that eases the symptoms, later in the condition surgery…

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Asbestos in the Environment

Asbestos in The Environment Todays blog is all about Asbestos in the Environment! As most of you will know Asbestos is a natural fibre that has been used by humanity for over 7500 years, mainly because asbestos has fantastic fire retardant qualities. Recently, we have read several  articles in the news relating to worries about…

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Stourbridge Asbestos Removal

Stourbridge Asbestos Removal Safeline Environmental can cater for a huge scale of works, from the largest commercial units to the smallests domestic jobs similarly to  the stourbridge asbestos removal  and survey works we recently completed. The Stourbridge asbestos removal job was for a domestic house renovation, and we were called in initially for the survey…

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Kidderminster Asbestos Removal

Kidderminster Asbestos Removal Do you live in or around Kidderminster? Safeline Environmental is the premier Kidderminster asbestos removal company, with over ten years of asbesto removal nation wide. Safeline is a local asbestos removal company, based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. We are proud to be one of Kidderminsters premier employers who pride themselves on employing local…

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