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Asbestos Removal

Newcastle Asbestos Removal

Newcastle Asbestos Removal

Safeline were recently up north on completing our Newcastle asbestos removal assessment, and whilst completing this we came across lots of asbestos, but also because of the nature of the site and the nature of the removal survey, lots of lost artifacts!

In the Asbestos removal business, and because of the nature of asbestos, by and large, the remaining asbestos  left in the building stock is usual very inaccessible to the public. This results in a lot of climbing for me, but also some extremely interesting finds!

On the Newcastle Asbestos removal survey we came across a really old 1970’s “viewmaster” . This would have been worth an absolute fortune if it was not for the fact that the was covered in unconfirmed dust!! Doing some digging on the internet, it transpires that these were first manufactured in 1931, as an adult entertainment medium! Sadly we had to dispose of the this item because we couldn’t confirm what the dust actually was!

That not the weirdest item we have ever found, but this is a family blog and frankly some things are best left to the imagination!

Safeline Environmental is a national asbestos removal company, so if you have a asbestos in your building and would like an assessment on the potential removal or containment of the asbestos then contact us on the internet or, by telephone on 01299 251083.

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