Sutton Coldfield Asbestos Survey and Removal Case Study

Sutton Coldfield Asbestos Survey

The majority of the work Safeline Environmental does is Commercial project consultancy and then commercial asbestos removal as in the case of the Sutton asbestos removal contract we have recently completed.

The removal as in a lot of our contracts, required several different methods to be employed in the “making safe” of the asbestos in the building. The project was a complete overhaul of the fabric of the building back to the plaster in some cases,  with the now redundant boiler/plant room requiring extensive material removal and encapsulation.

Safeline was involved with the project from the start, which from our point of view is the best for the client and especially their project budget, as we tend to save them both time and money by ensuring the works that are required are carried out in a cost effective manner. So often we have been called in later on a project and find that the works already completed are for naught. In worse case scenarios we have been called in to consult on cases that building owner may have endangered the public. This project certainly fell into the best approach category, with Safeline Environmental advising the owner and the main  construction contractor from the start.

The initial survey identified areas of asbestos construction methods throughout the building with ACM’s (asbestos concrete materials) present in the roofing and flue construction and asbestos fibres built into the brickwork in the boiler room walls to suppress any potential fire hazard.

Safeline Advised the client of the most cost effective and suitable solution for these hazards and after a consultation with all key stakeholders in the project, a programme of works was created to ensure that the HSE, building control and the clients and contractors were all happy with the control of the asbestos.

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