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Asbestos Removal


The Main Types of Abestos

Asbestos; Common Types in the UK   Asbestos is not one material per sa, the term Asbestos is coined for a group on materials all derived from silicate material with naturally occurring long fibres. These fibres have several properties which made them desirable as a building material in the 1950’s, the main ones being there…

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Asbestos In Schools

Asbestos in Schools Are you a concerned parent? Worried about the environment that your child is being educated in. Then you are not alone. There is a growing movement of concerned parents whom are also beginning to worry about the action being taken to ensure that there is no asbestos in the school building in…

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Asbestos Gallery – What to look for

The HSE Asbestos gallery   As the old saying goes, “seeing is believing”, and we at Safeline Environmental want to ensure that we promote the education of home and business owner in the dangers of Asbestos. Most of our customers say to us that they are unsure where to look, and more importantly, what to…

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Find Us on Facebook

Safeline Environmental on Facebook Want to find out the latest new from safeline? Find Safeline Environmental on facebook for the latest news and exciting developments. Most of our guys will post on our company Facebook page, especially local events or unusual examples of Asbestos us. We get lots of feedback following the pictures we post…

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HSE Fines for Asbestos Exposures

The legal Ramifications of Asbestos Exposure Most of our customers are surprised to learn about the action that the Health and Safety Executive take when an exposure to Asbestos is reported to them. Asbestos can have life threatening effects to health even years after exposure, and as such, the HSE take the most stringent of…

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Feedback For Safeline (Nick and Ben)

Feedback for Safeline Environmental At Safeline Environmental we value the work our asbestos teams do and how they interact with our customers. With this in mind, we recently received some fantastic feedback for safeline from one of our customers concerning one of our onsite removal expert teams (Nick and Ben) that we would love to…

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An Asbestos Management Plan – When you Might Need One

You might need an asbestos management plan. Here’s why and how to go about creating it. If you’re reading this from the USA, you’ll need to check out the relevant ahera regulations, this document deals exclusively with the UK requirements from the HSE. Asbestos has been around for a very long time, and given that its widespread…

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