Talcum Powder and Asbestos

Most people would be unaware that talcum powder and asbestos have a long history as talc used to be made from a form of asbestos.

Read this piece from the www.mesothelioma.com blog:

"The problem is that some talc is contaminated with a form of amphibole asbestos known as tremolite. This type of asbestos is related to crocidolite ("blue" asbestos) and amosite ("brown" asbestos), which have been established as the most carcinogenic varieties of asbestos. Unlike the latter two, however, tremolite has never been mined or processed commercially.

Both talc and tremolite are metamorphic, created by the same geologic processes; both are forms of magnesium silicate. Not surprisingly, talc deposits are frequently found near sources of tremolite, though in the past, this went undetected since nobody was interested in mining tremolite. Many talc mines thus produced material highly contaminated with tremolite asbestos fibres, which then got into products made from talc."

Luckily, before you throw out all of your talcum powder, in the UK since the 70's due to EU law, all Talc must be free of asbestos.

So asbestos history shows there is a link between Talcum Powder and asbestos, yes and no? Definitely, if you are abroad you need to check the brands you use, if you have used Talcum powder in the 70's or your parents used it on you as a baby it may be something you should check. But there is definitely nothing to worry about the talcum powder in your bathroom (unless it is 50 plus years old... then perhaps you should throw it out....)

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