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Asbestos Removal

walsall asbestos removal

Walsall Asbestos Removal

Our recent walsall asbestos removal job was one of our more interesting ones, we started to quote for the encapsulation of the walls surrounding the old boiler. A pre world war two structure that was going to be repurposed during the modernisation of the building.

The original brief was for an inspection and covering (encapsulation) of any asbestos material found, during the walsall asbesto removal survey we highlighted that whilst we could actually cover the affected area of the building and therefore make it safe for use under the modern regulations,  in the longer term if there was any modifications or additional works to the area then the structure would have to be replaced.

The asbesto materials that had been found in the walsall asbestos removal project had been built into the fabric of the brickwork, a process often used for boiler houses and heating systems on large commercial or factory units in days gone by.

The project owner and the main contractors whom Safeline Environmental had been subcontracted to supply the initial asbestos survey consulted with us on the options for the build going forward and it was concluded that the long term cost effective solution was the complete removal of the affected materials from site.

Once the works had been agreed, Safeline teams went in to make the demolition area safe for the employees and subcontractors tasked with the work. It also involved our guys being on site throughout further works to ensure no asbestos had been missed in the process.

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