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Located across a central swathe of England the Midlands is a vital economic region of England connecting Northern England to Wales and Southern England. As in common with the UK as a whole, the area has a massive number of properties contaminated with asbestos. Even though asbestos was banned in the UK in 1999 it will still take many decades to work through this issue.

For asbestos services across anywhere in the Midlands region, you can depend on Safeline Environmental – for anything and everything you need! Read on to learn about our services across the Midlands region.


Some facts about the Midlands

Here are a few facts about the Midlands region:


Safeline Environmental work UK-mainland-wide, view all of our city pages UK-wide at this link.


A map of the midlands, broadly matching Mercia from the early Middle Ages


Asbestos services from Safeline Environmental

Whatever asbestos services you need think of Safeline Environmental UK-wide. We provide a wide selection of asbestos-related services including (but not limited to):

  • Asbestos audits – similar to our asbestos surveys, we provide detailed asbestos audits for a single property or groups of properties under your care. Our audits are suitable for everyone including residential owners, businesses, and public sector customers. Our audits provide a permanent record of discovered asbestos and move forward with an asbestos management plan
  • Asbestos awareness training – we help customers to comply with UK law by training their staff about asbestos-related issues and management
  • Asbestos encapsulation – wherever possible we encapsulate asbestos, rather than remove or dispose of it. This reduces costs (as there is no removal or disposal), but more importantly is often safer as the asbestos is left undisturbed.
  • Asbestos management plan – here we provide a complete plan for the management of asbestos, this follows UK government laws and regulations
  • Asbestos removal – in cases where encapsulation is not safe or cost-effective, we will remove asbestos from any property. Strict and formal procedures will be followed to ensure asbestos does not contaminate the property. All impacted parties will be protected, for example, customers, employees, partners, property owners, and Safeline staff, etc.
  • Asbestos surveys and sampling – before any materials are removed or encapsulated, we will survey and sample. Here we survey any number of properties and take samples for laboratory testing. This enables us to create a plan for the safe management of ACMs (asbestos-containing materials)
  • Asbestos waste collection and disposal – once asbestos has been removed from its current position, it will need to be collected and safely disposed of. Safeline Environmental have an Environment Agency license and therefore is accredited to carry and dispose of asbestos waste


If you need any other asbestos-related services not mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us as we almost certainly will be able to provide that service too.


Asbestos services across the Midlands

Wherever you are in the Midlands region trust Safeline Environmental for all your asbestos services. We provide a large range of services across all sectors including residential, corporate, as well as governmental customers. If you have an asbestos issue in your property in the Midlands region, call us today on 01299 251083.


Rely on Safeline Environmental for asbestos services across the entire Midlands region

Rely on Safeline Environmental for asbestos services across the entire Midlands region

Safeline Environmental in the Midlands

We welcome contact from existing and new customers no matter how large or small the job. If you need asbestos services in the Midlands, we want to hear from you. Contact us in the following methods:



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