Asbestos Closes an Inverness School

Asbestos at school

Asbestos Closes an Inverness School The BBC is reporting asbestos closes an Inverness school.  It is a timely reminder that the amount of asbestos in the school portfolio is still a massive concern. Public health when it comes to asbestos is vital, as the time that exposure and then symptoms manifest is huge. It has…

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HSE Dust Blitz Campaign

HSE dust blitz

HSE Dust Blitz Campaign October sees the start of the HSE Dust Blitz Campaign, aimed at preventing construction industry deaths caused by dust. The HSE Dust Blitz Campaign is aimed at educating construction site workers in identifying and mitigating the hazards associated with common types of dust found in the demolition and construction of buildings.…

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Commercial asbestos removal

Safeline Environmental are experts in commercial asbestos removal and all end-to-end asbestos services ranging from audits, sampling, and testing through to eventual asbestos disposal. We assist all commercial organisations to meet their duties under asbestos law, whilst also protecting everybody from the life-threatening diseases associated with asbestos. Duty of care to manage asbestos Under regulation…

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Residential Asbestos Removal Birmingham

Residential Asbestos Surveys, Testing & Removal in Birmingham Safeline Environmental is the number one residential asbestos removal company in Birmingham and west midlands based contractor. Fact. We completed over 500 residential asbestos survey and removal projects in the greater west midlands area in 2021 alone! Residential asbestos removal services in Birmingham and around the UK Try…

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Walsall Asbestos Encapsulation Case Study

Walsall asbestos removal

Our recent Walsall asbestos encapsulation job was one of our more interesting ones, we provided an asbestos removal quotation for the encapsulation of the walls surrounding the old boiler. A pre-world war two structure was going to be repurposed during the modernisation of the building. The original brief was for an inspection and covering (encapsulation)…

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Stourbridge Asbestos Survey – Case Study

Asbestos removal in Stourbridge

One of our latest jobs was just down the road from the Safeline HQ, the asbestos removal Stourbridge job was a factory survey job. The survey was required as the factory was being repurposed and had previously been heated using an old boiler. The lines of the ducting need to be checked and clarified on…

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Smethwick 1920s Property – Asbestos Removal Case Study

Safeline Environmental recently undertook a Smethwick Asbestos Removal Project,  this project was a domestic job, for a homeowner who was remodelling their home. The property was a 1920’s built home, which had had many updates over the years, most of them it seems from before the installation of asbestos was legislated against in 2000. The…

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Nanotechnologies health risks similar to asbestos?

A recent report suggests that some of the modern building materials containing nanotechnologies pose health risks. The report suggests that the nanotechnologies health risks similar to asbestos exposure. This suggests this could be a timebomb for future contractors or demolition workers. Loughborough University has issued the following report; “Nanotechnologies being used in building materials could…

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Asbestos contractors fined

The HSE has reported that it has taken a case to court and two asbestos contractors fined as a result of this litigation. As you read, it becomes apparent that you should select a company with the scale and skill to complete its own surveys and that those contractors should have the mindset to challenge…

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Claire’s Asbestos Recall

It has been reported today (via Twitter and the international news outlets) about accessory store Claire’s Asbestos Recall. In this recall, the UK is affected by some of the products, and as such if you have shopped at Claire’s you should read the link here to the statement from Claire’s. Below is an Extract from…

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